Woman mocked in ‘sexist’ viral meme shares how it changed her life two years on


A woman who went viral in a ‘sexist’ meme has spoken two years on about being launched into the spotlight.

Model Justine Soranzo was mocked after she was caught on camera posing for photos during a baseball game.

She was flooded with abuse after an unknown person filmed her posing as her friend snapped pictures as the Yankees played.

But two years on from the incident, Justine has shared her thoughts about the video on TikTok.

It was shared by sportswriter Eric Hubbs on Twitter, with the sarcastic caption: ” BIG baseball fan at the Yankees game today.”

It was retweeted more than 15,000 times and attracted thousands of times.

Following backlash, Eric added: “For anyone attacking this video lol… This is absolutely in the middle of the game, you can hear it going on in the background.

“I did not record it, for all you calling me a creep lmao. And it’s a funny video. Really all there is to it.”

One person replied: “I legit hate when chicks do this.”

Another tweeted: “She is definitely attractive but I find the entire episode shameless and self-indulgent.”

But lots of people backed up Justine following the cruel comments.

One commented: “Who is she harming??? What was the point of very weirdly recording her take her photos??”

Another replied: “She looks great!!!!! I love her.”

A third raved: “If my pics at ballgames don’t look this good from now on the whole thing is cancelled.”

A day later Justine cheekily uploaded four pictures from the day – adding: “HERE WE ARE… Haters gonna love.”

Now Justine has added a video from the day, explaining what happened on TikTok.

She said: “Two years ago, I was taking pictures at the Yankee Stadium.

“A man took a video of me and published it on a big Instagram /Twitter.

“This video became viral in a few minutes…in the comments everyone mocked me.

“Suddenly a lot of people defended me. Thank you for all the support you gave me.

“Love you. I will never forget.”

Her comments were flooded with support once again – with one person commenting: “I remember this and I defended you.

“You are such a queen.”