Woman shares “creepy” messages from man who ‘catfished’ her on “terrible” date


The murky world of online dating is full of terrible tales.

Ghosting, abusive messages, unsolicited sexual content, rubbish chat and general unwelcome acts are all part of the modern-day dating world.

One of them is catfishing.

This is where someone tricks you into thinking they are someone else – or looks different to how they really look like.

It’s an unpleasant practice – and leaves you thinking, what did that person expect to happen when you turn up and they look totally different to what you expect?

Do they expect you to forget or something?

One woman recently received a tirade of abuse and bizarre comments after leaving a date.

On TikTok, the woman explained that she met the 38-year-old man on Bumble and they arranged to meet at a bar in Las Vegas.

But after she arrived, she was disappointed to see that he did not look like his photographs.

She said: “We swiped on each other and I was attracted to him because he looked like a young Harry Connick Jr.

“He was very attractive, there was only a few photos, in one he was fishing, another he was next to a campfire, another it looked like he was at a party.

“So he looked attractive and I swiped on him and we matched.”

After chatting for a few days, the pair decided to meet up and met up at a local bar.

But she says her first impressions wasn’t very favourable.

She said: “I get there, and I know where he’s sitting and that he has a white shirt on.

“I’m looking and I see the guy in the corner and when I saw I was expecting Harry Connick Jr, that’s not what I got.”

She continued: “He looked nothing like his photos…He looked worn out, he was probably five years older than his photos were. I was disappointed.”

So after finishing her drink, she made her excuses and left.

But the man was clearly unimpressed by her exit and sent her a lot of cruel messages.

In the video, she explained: “Went on a Bumble date. He was nothing like his photos and made me feel uncomfortable.

“So I left 20 minutes into the date…These are the messages he sent me for 2 hours, happy reading!,” alongside a laughing emoji.

One message said: “That was so rude? What did you think I was taller?

Another continued: “”Your just a rude ass person anyways.

“Like that was soo rude, I’ve never felt so offended you were boring as f*** anyways.

“Lol just so you know I’m worth over half a million dollars and in 6 months I have over 1.5 mil saved.”

A third raged: “Stupid ass h** in Vegas.”

Another continued: “I’ll stick to my skinny girls at least they don’t judge people without getting to know them.”

The woman’s video of the unpleasant exchange has been viewed more than 850,000 times.

One person commented: “Just when I think he’s done, the screen keeps scrolling.”

Another said: “He just repeated himself. Clearly unhinged. You dodged a major bullet,” which another viewed replied: “It’s literally just a terrible stream of red flags.”

A third advised: “You should send the screenshots to Bumble so they can block his account, he shouldn’t be allowed on there.”