Mum’s mind blown after two-year-old shows her what button on Sky box is for


Do you have Sky TV? And if so, did you know that the button on the box can find your remote when you lose it?

One mum certainly didn’t and was left stunned when her two-year-old child taught her what the button does.

Taking to TikTok, Sophie Liard, who posts under the username @thefoldinglady, shared her mind-blowing find with more than one million followers.

She captioned the post: “Did you know this or is it just me?”

In the clip, she then shows how on her Sky box, if she presses the middle button, it makes her remote control emit a loud beeping sound, so she can find it if she’s misplaced it.

Her video went viral, garnering over 178,000 views and more than 170,000 likes.

Thousands of people also commented on the post, with many saying their little ones had also taught them the same thing.

A few people had no idea about the use of the button.

One said: “Thanks for teaching us too, that’s really helpful, appreciate it.”

Another wrote: “I’ve just tried this and yes it works, my daughter can’t hide the remote anymore when she doesn’t want to turn YouTube off.”

A third replied: “My two-year-old taught me this too!”

A different user proclaimed: “Omg! I can’t believe I only just found out about this. Thank you.”

Someone else added: “Whattttt I did not know this.”

Others pointed out that the trick doesn’t work with all Sky boxes, suggesting it’s only the ones that have a bluetooth remote.

“Must be on the voice/bluetooth models. Standard Q remote didn’t work for me,” admitted a sixth.

“I think it needs to be the bluetooth remote,” responded a seventh.